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the final is hitting

i am totally almost done with the sucky sem. just need to make sure i score in finals. despite no confidence in MIS i still need to study bcos its a bloody UIU subject:/

classes are only left once and its exams!!! not really ready yet, but i shall stop PPS-ing and go study!

seems like we are the Nokia gang now. we all are using Nokia phones. me,sue,eve,james,jeremy and previously june. but i will not deny, Nokia's camera suck la! sony is always better.

this was taken using Sue's 5mp phone, but not very clear also right?


so many sales are around the corner. i have my list of things to buy, which wishing for the bf to fulfil it and be my Santa this year:)

i need to buy bra and corset from LaSenza, denim bag from Vincci, skinnies&shorts from Ktischen, heels from Vincci or Summit and ermm, lots more. but, FYI things i buy are super cheap ok? if i happen to get all of this things it will be less than RM300! for real ok?

watched Harry Potter with Eve and i would say, i am watching it for the sake of watching, yea its quite nice. i have watched since the first, so i wouldnt skip any of it especially its coming to an end.

Rapunzel tmr night with Sue!!! ok i have a very sad childhood ok? i have NEVER watch Rapunzel. ok dun laugh i know its sad. never watched any of the version. and guess wat? my bf watched the barbie version of Rapunzel! *shame at myself*

after Rapunzel is the Narnia. They are still showing my handsome King Peter eventhough this time its supposed to be on King Edmund only.

November passes by in just a blink! its only left with 5 days. and December shows that the year is ending. its so fast! i am sad to let it go. because i know that the road infront is getting more challenging and tougher.

till then!


you always lie

i'm sorry that its late but i just need to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRACE!!

u must be having so much fun celebrating your birthday out of town this year. don't forget the friend here waiting to meet u up since ages. i haven't been seeing u in like what? 4 months plus? yes its that long ok?

hope u have a great and warm birthday ever! stay pretty as always:)

i know we both have short straight hair now. this was back then when we curled our hair. i realize that we kinda have the same hair style most of the time.right? lol.. we shall meet up as soon as possible and take a picture together of our new short hair:)

the other besties' birthday is coming too!

so i am so happy that this semester is coming to an end. i can't tahan this freaking semester system and can't get over it.

i am only left with final exams during the mid of december. can't wait can't wait!!!! i really need to catch up with sammie, meishan, gracie, and ofcos Sheng Li!! i feel that i have neglected you guys all this time being so busy with work, class and all. will make it up to you guys as soon as ever!

and Mr.LEE JUN HSIEN is leaving to USA on xmas. i don't care i must make it to see him before he leaves!!!!

ok there's alot of people i need to meet up with, jerrard too!

and i haven't been seeing the STPM people. shall only ding dong them after stpm which, i dont think i know when? :D

i am actually kinda upset for not having classes with Evelyn Ngui Ailing anymore. as i have been seeing her for almost all classes since first day of college and now, not even one class for the next sem?????? i can't believe it!


luckily i still have this bunch having the same majors so we can all take business subjects together:)

and also all presentations together:)

that's all for now, i need to go draw a schematic hydrological cycle!


find back

wah i obly have 30+ viewers. so shitty! i need to spare more time to blog already. bcos all this while i tot nobody reads my blog. but NO!! alot of people rrad my blog la! now only i know. :)

i did not update for like more than a month. i dont know where to start or how, but yea, updating to bring my mojo back. and so that i dont lose my readers. and ofcos, so that my friend can all know what i am up to even though we're not seeing each other. yes Grace, and Sammie. i mean you guys. Haven't been seeing in ages. can't believe it! i will blog more often. since i have an internet accessible phone now..hehe *ok i need to brag abit* not an expensive phone la! but oh well, i love it! so its good enough.

other than college, work, home, eat, sleep, shit, pmsing, facebooking, assignments nothing much really did come into my life. i guess i shall start adding exercise, and studying/ revising! hehehe

so i actually went to i-city, since i have been seeing so many people going there. yea you will be thinking, what is the point? you see things which you can see in facebook. people all taking same pictures of the same scenery But the point is, you see DIFFERENT PEOPLE MA!

and . the company for me, was amazing. only girls ofcos! we went there hyperly and came home deadly!

i would say that place is really pretty and romantic. but, it is so non environmental friendly. imagine how much electricity they have used ever since the opening of this place!

so i was the driver ofcos. well Sue eas supposed to be driving, but she was tired? so yea. i have been driving really safe ever since the accident. so Jeremy, stop saying that i drive so bloody slow ok?

mine is safe and steady. not slow and pokey!

and, i am happy to say that, my Sociology lecturer says that i am a good speaker! hehehe.. not self praise wan ok? oh well, i would say, most ADP students are good speakers la! we are trained to speak well.:)

and the new hair cut annoyed me at the starting, but now it seems to be growing properly but kinda slowly.

let me show you a stupid picture of myself:D

look like back then in form 2? haha.. nola now fatter!:/

you can see my facebook profile picture is my new hairstyle which people do comment that I look like Japanese? younger? fresher? chio-er? trendier? ok wtv it is. not cutting my hair this short anymore bcos it takes forever for my hair to grow.:(

and the new phone i got, is the Nokia C3!

i got myself the left one. ok it is not black alright? its metallic dark blue. kinda similar colour with my old phone. Eve got herself the middle one and ofcos you dont expect us to get the ugly pink right? they do have a lime green which is quite pretty but i still like BLUE! the market price is bout RM520 and Dad got ours at RM420 each! worth max:)

thats me and Eve, both with our new hair cuts and new same phone:)

ok i am actually at work right now. shall get back to work!

till then


still surviving

wondering when i will get my blogging mojo back.

can't blame me, things have been so tight. Mid-term, work, assignments, presentation, all rushing to me. i don't even have time for my bf. i shall ground myself for upcoming 2 weeks to study study and study. i must i mean.

i shall stop typing, because if i do, i will start bitching about my Science lecturer. right Eve?hahah.. i decided to write in letter to Dr.Sharon to complain about her.

ok off to study for quiz! see, got quiz summore!:/

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